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The Windows 8 Activation Key

What is Windows 8 activation key and why we need it?
Every new version of the Windows operating system (OS) comes with the need for activation. This is where the use of an activation key plays a role. The Windows 8 activation key is otherwise known as the Windows 8 product key.

What is a product key? Well, this is the 25-character code that is used in order to activate Windows. Activation is helping to verify that Windows was not used on more personal computers than what was permitted by the Microsoft Software License Terms. The product key can be obtained out of the box but it can also be delivered to you via email. If the device has been equipped with pre-installed Windows 8 then the product key can be obtained from the manufacturer of your PC.

How to get the Windows 8 activation key and how to use it?
The product can be seen on the card that you can find inside of the box containing the Windows DVD. But, it can also be delivered to you via email that shows you purchased Windows. When you purchased a personal computer with Windows pre-installed, you should call the PC manufacturing company to get the original Windows 8 product key. You will be in need of that in case you have to re-install Windows 8. Getting this activation key will depend on your case. These are the best things to do in order to get the right Windows 8 activation key for your PC. The Windows 8 serial number will be required during the activation process done through the web.

Using Windows 8 Activator
If in case that you cannot find the Windows 8 activation key for your PC running on Windows 8, you dont have to worry because you can use a Windows 8 activator. This is basically a tool that you can find and download via web today.

The internet is now flooded with different brands of Windows 8 activators. You may read reviews to find out the best one to use or you can ask suggestions from your friends. The popular activators including KMSpico and Microsoft toolkit has been proven to work and can activate Windows and Office with just press of a button.

Windows 8 comes with various great features that you can never enjoy unless you activate it. You can use the Windows 8 product key that is coming out of the box but if ever you cannot find your activation key, you can make use of a Windows activator that you can download through the web.


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