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Technology Increases Driving Safety For Teens

Parents Use Technology To Combat Teen Driving

When it comes to driving safety, teenagers are the group statistics show are most likely to be involved in some form of automobile incident. A number of factors play into this that include a lack of experience behind the wheel, a tendency to engage in "risky" behaviors, peer pressure and more. But the dangers are very real and teenagers are not the only ones who drive on public roads and highways so teenage driving safety needs to be a concern for every motorist. However, teen driving safety is even more serious for parents. But how can a parent determine what a teen driver is doing once they have grabbed the keys and walked out the door?

GPS Auto Tracking

One of the tools used by many concerned parents are GPS auto tracking devices. The technology works by tracking the vehicle operated by a teen and then transmitting the driving data to parents. The concerned family me never can see where the teen is at any point in time throughout the day by simply logging on to a mapping app on their cell phones. What's even better is that real-time GPS tracking devices even offer features that can communicate with parents the moment unsafe driving practices are being employed by the teen drivers. For example, real-time GPS devices can be programmed to send a parent a alert via text message if the teen drivers over a certain mph. The parent determines the save driving speed (say 70mph) and if that teen drives faster than that safe speed limit the parent is sent a text message regarding the speeding behavior in real time!

Phone Records

One of the most dangerous behaviors a teen can engage in while operating s motor vehicle is texting. Texting is an epidemic among teens and when texting occurs in a automobile it can lead to tragic consequences. In fact, studies show those who text while driving are 23x more likely to be involved in auto accident, and 32% of teens surveyed said they routinely text while driving. Parents concerned about this dangerous behavior should cross check driving records with text activity. For example, when a parent knows a teen was driving to or from school they can check their text message activity during these times. In a perfect world, there would be no text message activity during these times, but parents can't know for certain until they compare driving time and text activity.

Teens are tech savvy, intelligent and at the same time inexperienced when it comes to driving. Inexperience behind the wheel is bad enough but when you compound that with poor driving behaviors such as speeding or texting and the end result can literally be fatal. However, parents are able to better observe teen driving with the help of GPS tracking devices and cell phone records. Utilizing technology to combat the age old problem of teen driving is a great thing and one that will help save many lives


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