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Satellite Television Systems Is Dish Network Or Directv The Best?

Satellite TV consists of a dish which captures the television signal broadcasted from the satellite along with a receiver that amplifies the signals & sends it to a TV.

Just a few years ago, satellite television system was omprised of a massive satellite dish, almost equal to the size of a flying saucer & several black boxes which needed an electronic expert for installation.

In addition, they were quite expensive and cost anywhere in between $2000-$10,000.

Since then, we have come a long way. Presently satellite television dishes are about the size of large Frisbee. The receiver is equal to the size of a notebook and also operating the system is as easy as operating a microwave.

And the good news is, the present system won't cost you a penny. Due to the rising competition among satellite television dealers, they will offer you an entire satellite television system completely for free after you subscribe for their satellite television services.

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Advantages of satellite television system

You are able to view as many as 256 programming channels using a satellite dish.

Satellite television is broadcast in a digital format that offers you clearest sound & picture quality available.

Satellite television system includes a DVR that lets you record any TV show you want.

You are offered an HD receiver which enables you to watch television in a high definition format.

Satellite television can be more reliable as compared to over the air or cable television. Also, it has fewer picture issues and less blackouts.

Customer care services are available 24/7 once you purchase a satellite television service

Offerings from DirecTV satellite television system:

1. A satellite television dish (free)

2. As much as for free receivers along with universal remotes

3. DVR system - free after applying a $99 discount

4. 1-year warranty

5. Free professional setup in up to 4 rooms of your house

Offerings from Dish TV satellite television system:

1. A satellite television dish (free).

2. As many as four free receivers along with universal remotes

3. Free digital video recording receivers.

4. Free HDTV receivers (if required).

5. 1-year warranty

6. Free professional set up in up to 4 rooms of the house.

7. A one-year warranty on your satellite TV system.

8. 24/7 customer support center

in order to get a free satellite television system, you only need to subscribe to any of the above mentioned satellite television services.

DirecTV provides three programming packages that begin at $41.99 each month for their basic package that includes 130 programming channels & 31 music channels & can rise up to $93.99 for a package of 185 TV channels.

DISH Network provides 4 program packs. Prices begin at $31.99 each month for a basic pack that includes 60 channels & rise up to $86.99 if you want to enjoy a pack of 230 programming TV channels.

Both services also have sports packs, movie channels, foreign language programs, adult shows, HDTV packs, as well as PPV channels.


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