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How My Fourflexx Ipad Tablet Holder Comes In When I Am Giving Presentations

Many times, I have found myself in situations where I have to give a presentation before friends, social groups and even at work. I find myself using my tablet or iPad a lot. They are used as instruments in my presentations. This is when my FourFlexxiPad tablet holder comes in handily to do the donkey work of holding the tablet for me, not that it complains.

It frees up my hands since I do not have to hold my tablet or iPad. This enables me to be an effective presenter who applies all forms of communication from oral communication, eye contact, gestures, to body movements.

The holder also keeps my iPad safe from falls. Believe me, many drops do happen, and that spells the end of an expensive tablet computer. Holding my iPad prevents the danger of falls. If my tablet were to break in the course of a presentation, the delivery will not be as per the expectations especially if the presentation entails visual or audio-visual illustrations.

The portability of the stand makes it easy to shift venues.

At times I have to make lengthy presentations that holding my tablet or iPad in my hands is tiring. The FourFlexx tablet stand solves this problem. It is light and makes shifting easier.

There are situations when I need to show my audience an illustration on my tablet. Instead of moving round a round table to ensure everyone gets to see my demonstration, I simply mount my tablet on the FourFlexx iPad floor stand and turn it in all directions. This is possible because the stand has ball-joints that facilitate its rotation at all angles.

The stand also has a Holder for my Smartphone.

I use the phone to set time so that my presentations lie within the stipulated duration. I simply turn one of the four gooseneck legs of the holder into a holder for my phone.

The holder is so flexible that I can adjust its height to a position I am comfortable with. It is because its four legs are adjustable. This is applicable when giving presentations when sitting, for example, in round table or panel meetings. If I want to present while standing I just make the stand longer.

My image as a Speaker has improved!

It makes me look real professional and I like the fact that I can use my hands to illustrate points. I have to be up to date. I do not move around with a tablet when I can place it on a stand.

The FourFlexx iPad floor stand is very helpful in my presentations. It saves me a lot of inconveniences. When I am done with the presentation, I usually take my stand home with me as I love watching movies when lying down on my bed.


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