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Get Any Song That You Want With These Simple Steps

There have been more a lot of times that Ive caught a song in the background of a YouTube video or in a lounge or club where the song was playing and fell in love with that catchy tune. But somehow you have missed the chance to get the track name or whatsoever.

However, in these modern days of 21st century, there are apps which really help you find the song you like. Most of them are free also. Shazam, Sound hound etc are some of the best song detection softwares in market. These apps can be installed into smartphones (Im pretty sure youve got a smartphone, who doesnt these days?)

Anyway, lets get back to the topic. If you already installed the apps that I mentioned above then chances are you wont miss again to get the track name.

How to get the song you want? (Step- by - Step)

Use any one of the software mentioned above to get the song name from the video. Lets say for an example, Shazam. Simply start the app and press the record button and hold it near your music. Wait for 30 seconds for it to catch the song and then the app itself will search for the musics name, author, album name etc on the internet. After getting your result, say the song you searched for was an instrumental (Crystalize by Elements) Then go to YouTube and search for it and there you go! Youve found the song! If you would like to keep the song on your phone and not the video, then you can do these in the following simple steps below:

Heres how to do it.

#1 Choose one of the website that converts YouTube to mp3 (I've found that often works faster and safe) and click on the link above.

#2 Go to .You can also try VidToMP3.

#3 Find the video on YouTube that you would like to have in MP3 format for your iPod, phone or PC. Copy the video URL from the address bar of YouTube video page.

#4 Paste it into the URL box in the middle of search box on website.

#5 It may take up to a minute or two, but the website will return you with something like Download as MP3. Click on the link and your download will start right after.

#6 Go to the file destination, click, and enjoy.

It is very easy to use this website on the go as it has been well optimized for smartphones and tablets also. I hope this article would help you get any song that you need. Spread the knowledge with your loved ones and happy chilling!


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