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Features Of A Tough Phone

Tough Phones, the more durable hard-wearing option for those with a harder outdoor lifestyle have changed enormously from the first few options there were on the market. They make sense for the majority of people, particularly those in construction, agriculture, or who have hobbies that see them frequently taking on the elements. But how do they differ from a regular smartphone?

They have been built to be inherently more durable in harsher environments. These phones havent been designed to be safely lodged for the majority of the day in a suit pocket or a handbag. These phones have been designed to be in constant use whilst surrounded by the risks of water, dust, pressure, drops and bangs. Additionally, many have been designed to combat the old problems of using such phones for long periods, or in direct sunlight.

Tough Phones come with an IP Rating. This is the Ingress Protection Rating, that enables the consumer, at a glance, to see how a particular phone fares against another in terms of its exposure to dust and water. Dust and water are your electronic phones enemy. If either get in to the internal workings of the phone, which is relatively easy given the number of entry points, then youre looking at short-circuiting. The IP Rating of a durable rugged phone gives you some insurance against these hazards: you can ascertain just how well your potential purchase will be able to stand up to these risks.

Then there is the casing itself. Whilst the majority of tough phones no longer look like the clumpy 90s bricks wed been trying to get away from, manufacturers are now managing to marry sleek contemporary design with much-needed protection. A tough phone will be built to withstand knocks, bumps and drops in a way that a regular smartphone simply isnt. With padded, shock absorbing corners and outer covers, and shatterproof screens, you can rest assured that should your phone take a tumble, itll live to tell the tale.

When considering a Tough Phone purchase you should also pay heed to the battery type and life of the phone you are choosing. Many people looking to purchase a tough phone are doing so because their working life dictates they are away from the office, away from the ability to easily do a quick booster charge. These phones are designed to be used for long periods and to maintain their battery life.

Additional features that tend to be built-in to tough phones, to a higher degree than regular smartphones, include add-ons such as top of the range GPS. For many looking at a rugged durable phone, this is an important consideration. Gone are the days of carrying around numerous pieces of electronics such as a camera, phone, GPS and gaming device. Now everything should be located in one handset. Therefore, for people relying heavily on mapping applications and GPS, this is an important consideration when buying a new phone.

Finally, you should consider looks. No longer are you bound to have a large stocky phone just because you need a more durable option. It is now possible to consider style and all the features you need for your phone to be fully functional and up to the job. You should be able to choose a smart, touchscreen phone that matches your style and personality without compromising on its features. With many of these phones branded by big names such as Cat, Land Rover and JCB, you can ensure style will match the functionality.

You, the consumer, are now spoilt for choice. You will be able to find what you are looking for in a Tough Phone at the price you are looking for and in the style you want.


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